Patient Reviews:

The best thing that happened to me is when my last doctor retired and I got in at Southern Family Medical Center. Dr. Sean Lynch, he’s all about the Lord and caring for his patients. Mr. Tom Wieme makes me feel great!  He lifts my spirits.  He’s just so uplifting.  I got my whole family up there at Southern Family Medical Center! 
· James Brown

I would do a dance on the top of the Southern Family Medical Center building!  I think they are the greatest and the best there is!  I thank God for every day that I started going out there.
· Bertha Daniels

I’ve been a patient at SFMC for 9 years.  I see Ms. Marian Layne.   She listens to me and works until she gets the issue resolved.  She is very concerned about the health of her patients. I love coming to see her as I know not only am I getting great health care from a team who cares, but also good customer service from the ladies at the front desk.  I love it there!
· Sheron Jenkins

Ms. Marian Layne is awesome!  We love her!  These people are very caring.
· Gay Conklin

Tom Wieme’s a great guy.  He knows his stuff, and I really appreciate him.
· James Brunson

I love Christy Sharbel!  She’s wonderful! I’m truly blessed to be under her care.  She may have a full schedule, but you wouldn’t know it because she gives you her undivided attention.  She truly cares about me.
· Lynn T. 

I received some of the best treatment from Christy Sharbel. She x-rayed my lungs and told me that I had pneumonia.  She gave me a Z-pac and then the next day she called me and told me that I could come in for a shot if I didn’t get better. She was just as professional as she could be.  I could not have asked for any better treatment. She really, really helped me.  Another thing I really like about the clinic is the Christian music.  The whole experience was an overall pleasure! I was so pleased to have found Christy. 
· Patsy Rios

Dr. Walton has a very homespun and great bedside manner.  He’s former military and so am I. That’s why we get along so well. 
· Ray Gannaway




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